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 Cell Towers

 Fiber Optic and Telecommunication 

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Project Services

 Project Planning

 Route Selection Strategies

 Land Rights Acquisition

 Title Abstracting, Review and Certification

 Industry-Specific Due Diligence

 Non-environmental Permitting

 Project Management and Project Construction Support

 Stakeholder Engagement and Public Outreach

 Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators – RP 1162

 Regulatory Compliance including FERC (7B, 7C, BPN, and BAA)

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 Land Rights Analysis

 Good Faith Negotiation and Documentation

 Non-environmental Permitting

 Asset Encroachment Remediation & Prevention

 Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

 State-specific Title and Cure Procedures

 Drone Use: Land Rights & Regulatory

 State-specific Corporate Execution Req. and Notary Procedures

 Vegetation Growth Remediation

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Catch Us at Industry Events

 “Real Estate Licensing for the Oil & Gas Industry” including case study of Dundics v. Eric Petroleum – January 24, 2019 – IRWA Pipeline Committee Winter Meeting

 PUBLIC ASSESS TO PRIVATE RIGHTS-OF-WAY: Utilizing Land Rights of Others – February 27, 2019 – Lorman Education (registration link – not yet open

 West Virginia Construction EXPO – March 20 – 21, 2019 – IRWA Chapter 21 




 OFF THE GRID:  Project Routing Considerations Beyond the Infrastructure” – August 21, 2018 – Lorman Education


 “Preventing and Remediating Pipeline Encroachments: A Panel Discussion” – July 31, 2018 – Southern Gas Association Annual Operating Conference –

 “Litigation Processes and the Right-of-way Professional” – IRWA Annual Conference – Edmonton, AB, Canada – 1:00 – June 26, 2018

 “Stakeholder Engagement and Public Outreach: Regulators, Landowner Groups and Best Practices” – IRWA Annual Conference – Edmonton, AB, Canada – 3:00 – June 26, 2018

 “Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Land and Legal Issues for Project Support” – IRWA Annual Conference – Edmonton, AB, Canada – 10:00 – June 25, 2018

 “Critical Infrastructure Information: Protecting Documents in a Post-9/11 World” –  IRWA Annual Conference – Edmonton, AB, Canada – 10:00 – June 26, 2018

 “IRWA Region 5 – Spring Forum – Louisville, KY –  April 27 – 28 -2018

 “Social Media in Project Outreach:  Law and Order”  -Kinetic Women in Energy Leadership – Houston, TX – April 11, 2018

 “Non-environmental Permitting Considerations for Land Acquisition” – IRWA Ch. 21 and WV Construction Expo – 1:00 p.m. March 21, 2018


 “Navigating the Legalities of Drone Usage” – IRWA Ch. 21 and WV Construction Expo – 2:00 p.m. March 21, 2018

 “Utilizing Public and Private Rights of Way” – March 19, 2018

 “Social Media in HR” – IRWA Chapter 13 Law Day – Columbus, OH – November 14, 2017

 “Utilizing Public and Private Rights of Way” – Lorman Education – March 19, 2018

 “Social Media in HR” – IRWA Chapter 13 Law Day – Columbus, OH – November 14, 2017

 “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones):  Land and Legal Considerations” – OTEC Conference – Columbus, OH – October 10, 2017

 “Surface Owners and Subsurface Owners: The Interplay Among Vested Interests in Surface, Coal, Oil, Gas and Gas Storage” – AAPL Land Institute – Pittsburgh, PA – October 5, 2017

 “Incorporating Social Media into Project Outreach: From Pitfalls to Potential” – IRWA Region 5 Fall Forum – Cleveland, OH – September 30, 2017

 “Landowner Utility Encroachments” and “Foreign Line Crossings” – Southern Gas Association – Atlanta, GA – July 18, 2017

 “Natural Gas Storage:  From Rocks to Right-of-way” – Annual Education Conference – Anchorage, AK – June 13, 2017

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Representative Experience

The professionals at GPS Consultants have almost 60 years of hands-on, relevant experience in advising clients on solutions to their energy, utility, and critical infrastructure project and business needs.  We have brought our expertise and knowledge to support clients in the execution of  project goals including:

  • Existing land rights review, land rights acquisition, project management for gas transmission pipeline constructed through 9 counties in New York
  • Existing land rights review, land rights acquisition, project management for gas transmission pipeline constructed from central Ohio though West Virginia and into Virginia 
  • Identification of potential long-term lease footprints and landowner negotiations for easements for solar arrays on the site of reclaimed landfills to supplement large cities electric needs with renewable energy
  • Lease analysis and due diligence on more than 600,000 of oil and gas Marcellus and Utica shale acres in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania sold to another producer
  • Asset management of cell tower leases for tower sites in eight states, including zoning and FAA matters and access issues
  • Route selection and land rights analysis to support Electric Transmission proposed projects under FERC Order 1000 in four states
  • Existing land rights review, land rights acquisition, project management, asset management to install and maintain fiber optic facilities through four states
  • Land rights analysis and acquisition direction to acquire the “outs” in 45 natural gas storage fields in 8 states
  • Land rights analysis, due diligence advice, and asset management to client seeking to purchase and operate natural gas storage fields
  • Title abstracting, review and certification in support of eminent domain litigation for public sector highways expansion projects
  • Land rights due diligence and state law review for projects surveyed by drones, including identification of landowners for required notices
  • Existing land rights review, amendment of land rights and project management for gas transmission pipeline to be converted to liquids pipeline in the Appalachian Basin
  • Land Acquisition and Project Management to support gas transmission company’s annual budget of $300 million O & M projects in six states
  • Existing land rights review and due diligence for gas distribution pipeline company selling assets through 9 counties in Ohio
  • Existing land rights review , due diligence analysis and negotiation with 2 railroads in Virginia to support gas distribution company’s project to inspect, repair, or replace pipelines crossing under railroads.
  • Due diligence to support pipeline acquisition, and land rights analysis and amendment to start up midstream company with acquisition of gas transmission line from another company
  • Land rights acquisition of right of way and footprint in fee for gas transmission line and electric generation site to support electric generation coal to gas conversion, either partially or wholly,  in three states
  • Work with gas transmission companies for upgrade or construction of compressor stations, including zoning and planning permitting, waiver request, administrative matters and acquisition of land for noise buffers
  • Land rights analysis, National Parks Service negotiations, and non-environmental permitting services for natural gas pipeline crossing the Appalachian Trail in Virginia including acquisition of buffer lands beside the Trail
  • Work with gas transmission company on negotiation and non-environmental wetland mitigation strategies through negotiation with the Army Corps and acquisition of replacement wetlands acreage



Unique Solutions

Though our services are divided into basic areas of route selection and project strategy, due diligence and land rights acquisition, stakeholder engagement and public outreach, project management and construction support, and regulatory compliance, we at GPS Consultants treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position.  In doing dozens of complex projects, even some in the same footprints geographically, what is abundantly clear is that past success does not ensure future success unless each project and business matter is treated as a new challenge.  Planning must be objective for each client engagement, while knowledge, expertise, and decades of relationships in the public and private sectors can be tools for the success of a current project.



Quality Over Quantity

We at GPS Consultants, have been fortunate to have employed or worked with the very best consultants and professionals, many of whom are subject matter experts in their respective fields.  In recognizing that every contribution is unique and valuable in finding solutions to complex business issues, so too do we believe in honoring the unique business, culture, and history, and regulatory market that has grown your company so far. As such, we hire only the very best employees and engage the top consultants in their fields to help you take your project needs and business goals into the future with efficiency, dedication, and timely execution.


Our Seasoned Professionals

Beth Minear

*Strategic Counsel * Thought-Leader * Project Strategy  *Route Selection *Stakeholder Engagement * Mediation * Communications * Corporate Trainer

As a consultant, Beth Minear is a thought-leader for complex issues related to project execution strategies and regulatory compliance for the Energy, Utility, and Critical Infrastructure industries. Her subject matter expertise ranges from project planning and route selection for projects, stakeholder engagement and public outreach strategies, to reservoir title analysis for coal, O&G production, natural gas storage fields and land acquisition in the Appalachian Basin.  Beth has twenty years of experience in Energy, Utility, and Critical Infrastructure industries, serving as Vice President Project Strategy & Regulatory Compliance for a large land management and acquisition company, Sr. Real Estate and Commercial Counsel for a Fortune 500 company, and as Consultant for project execution for diverse clients. She has been responsible for land acquisition and legal strategy for projects spanning more than two dozen states, and is a trusted consultant for asset protection, encroachment remediation, and land rights due diligence matters for the energy, utility and critical infrastructure sectors, both public and private.

Beth is well-versed in the state-specific nuances that companies need to operate in a specific footprint, and frequently advises clients on statutory notice and outreach compliance, regulatory application requirements, corporate execution and notary requirements for valid documentation, peculiarities of title examination, review, analysis, cure direction, and recording requirements, and have acquired and/or divested more than 600,000 acres of O & G production land rights in the Appalachian Basin, including negotiation of Joint Operating Agreements, Exploration and Cooperating Agreements and other forms of joint ventures.  As such, Beth helps clients in strategy and execution of the macro, while maintaining focus on the myriad micro issues which can be just as important.

Beth is frequently sought as speaker to industry professional groups on multiple topics, and provides clients with customizable, in-house trainings to meet annual continuing education requirements and regulatory compliance needs.


Doug Holley

* Expert Project Management * Project Strategy * Route Strategy * Land Acquisition Supervision * Industry Leader * Multi-company Liaison * Expert Witness * Corporate Trainer


With an amazing assortment of contacts in the Energy, Utility, and Critical Infrastructure industries, from the public sector to private sector Fortune 500 companies and some of the best consultants in the country, Doug has nearly 40 years of knowledge, experience, and relationships to provide value to any project. Doug has previously served as Vice President, Projects, for a large land management and acquisition company, as well as nearly 30 years as Director, Asset Management for a Fourtune 500 company, responsible for land strategy, acquisition, and project execution for all transmission pipeline assets in 16 states.  In that role, he oversaw more than a dozen employees and dozens of contractors, with ultimate responsibility for $300 million dollars in O & M projects, annually.

Doug’s diverse and detailed expertise, beyond transmission pipelines, includes route selection, project strategy and land rights acquisition for natural gas storage assets in five (5) states, gas distribution pipelines, petroleum and liquids pipelines in multiple states, cell tower assets, fiber optic and telecommunication assets, highways projects, etc..although recognizing that each project is unique, Doug brings his decades of risk management and best practices background to the table for every client, providing wise counsel and seasoned direction to GPS Consulting clients.  


  • Beth Minear

  • Doug Holley