Helping Your Projects Succeed

Developing the Path to Greatness

At GPS Consultants, our business is helping your projects succeed. Whether you need help with project strategy and route selection, stakeholder engagement and outreach, complex title analysis and land acquisition, or need highly-competent, project support or embedded personnel, we’ve got the professional background and services you need.

We’ve had nearly 60 years’ experience in providing sound business strategy and project execution advice to clients across the energy, utility and critical infrastructure sectors, both public and private sectors, and understand what it takes for projects to succeed efficiently, on time and within budget.. Our focus is on understanding what makes your company and business goals unique, and customizing execution strategies to aid in success.  GPS Consultants have decades of experience along with tested best practices, and the flexibility and foresight to effectively identify and minimize risks.   We listen to you, the clients, and support your path to get there.


Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your business and project strategy, planning and execution goals. Do you need help with route selection, land acquisition strategy, title abstracting and cures, stakeholder engagement, or project constructing support? Do you need personnel who are knowledgeable about state-specific survey requirements, corporate execution and notary nuances for valid documents, and good faith negotiation skills to actually constitute good faith and pass legal muster?  Are you a pipeline company and need guidance on land rights analysis and record keeping requirements under PHMSA for HCAs, MCAs, and road crossings, or under the new regulations for natural gas storage? Are you and electric transmission company needing route analysis, landowner identification, statutory notice and outreach guidance, or support in drafting regulatory applications to propose solutions under FERC Order 1000? Do you need customized trainings for new employees, refreshers for existing employees, annual continuing education or compliance requirements? We can help with all of that . . . and more.

Comprehensive Project Solutions 

The professionals at GPS Consultants have nesrly 60 years of experience across myriad industries, serving clients in measly two dozen states.  Starting with state-specific route analysis, we look at statutory timelines for notice, outreach requirements, non-environmental permitting, negotiations, title, corporate signatures, notary, recording, acquisition, damages settlements, etc., and, with client consultations, provide a pun aggrssive, but realistic timeline and budget for project success.  Within each specific project segment, we bring our decades of real-world experience in overseeing dozens of projects, and worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually, to work for your company in customizing what best meets your project goals.  Our success is largely due to a belief in cross-functional communication and open-minded collaboration within project teams, valuing the contribution of each internal stakeholder and advisor. We understand project risk and include “Plan Bs” for our “Plan Bs”, remaining flexible in ever-changing energy, utility, and critical infrastructure industries, while foreseeing and minimizing known as likely risks to timeline and budget.

Success Defined by Results

Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. We’ve worked with companies from Small producers, newly formed Midstream companies, and municipal utilities, to Fortune 500 companies and their executive management and everything in between. GPS Consultants professionals pride themselves on thought leadership and excellent reputation as trusted consultants, supporting clients in reaching their operation, maintenance, expansions, and regulatory goals.